Webinar Replay

Hanging the Shingle - Zero to $1m

A battle-tested guide for starting a CPA Firm and thriving on your own!


Watch this webinar if you are considering, or have recently started your own CPA firm.

You will learn to:

Overcome emotional barriers that prevent you from starting or hold you back once you do.

 Gain clarity regarding your ideal market, and your unique solution to their needs.

 Develop an individual and firm brand that attracts the right client.

 Shortcut the sales cycle and ramp revenue quickly.

 Transition from practitioner, to business owner and entrepreneur to drive firm growth.

I want an edge with the launch of my CPA Firm!


Meet Your Instructor: Brian Amann

Brian Amann is a mentor, coach, and entrepreneurial advocate.

As the Founder of CPA Edge, he helps results-oriented CPAs and Firm leaders challenge industry norms, driving true vision and strategy, so they can differentiate, enhance client and employee loyalty, and, ultimately, profit more while working less.

As the leader of his former CPA firm, Brian drove sixfold revenue growth over a four year period when single-digit growth rates were the norm. It’s a feat that landed the firm on the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing companies in the country, and Brian on Accounting Today’s Managing Partner Elite as a top firm leader in the business.

Brian attributes this success to a battle-tested strategy for new partners, service lines, and offices.