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The Demise of the Tax Department

A Definitive Guide For Tax Function Effectiveness & Enhanced Firm Profitability

Ultimately, a business exists to provide value to its customers and grow enterprise value for its stakeholders.

The opportunities that exist within the tax department to fulfill this goal are significant.

Is your Firm capitalizing on this opportunity to the fullest extent? Will it continue to do so?

This guide will help answer the fundamental questions above and offer insight into the challenges tax departments face today and in the future.

Right now, we're confronted with new tax technology, competition with no significant differentiators, and an industry that is rapidly automating as much as possible.

Each of these issues is addressed in this guide. Please use it to your advantage, as those who fail to evolve will eventually meet their own demise.

Get instant access to the 22 page guide & discover the proven 4-Step TaxOptimization Process that has fueled client & enterprise value for CPA firms.

Why should you trust my advice?

For the last 25 years, I've focused on building effective tax functions - first with a Big 4 firm as a local office department leader adn as an area leader responsible for significant tax outsourcing engagements, and next as a founder and leader of a tax-only firm with a multi-national client base that reach the Fortune 100.

I've seen first-hand the positive impact that diversifying and decommoditizing revenue sources can have on CPA Firms, and I'm confident this is the future of the industry.

Brian Amann, CPA Edge