The foundation for enhanced firm profitability

While many opportunities exist for today's tax department, it faces significant threats and challenges, putting the most seasoned tax department leaders to the test. The cause of this current dynamic ranges from the commoditization of core services to the increased demands of the consumer.

Some experts predict that revenue from tax compliance services will be driven to zero by the end of the decade!

CPA Edge developed TaxOptimization, an industry-leading methodology covering five integrated operational aspects of an effective tax department surrounded by three supporting disciplines.

These aspects and disciplines are the foundation of an optimized tax department, and essential to mitigating threats, capitalizing on opportunities, and forging a competitive edge.

Benefits of the Optimized Tax Department:

  • Client experience and lifetime value of relationships increase
  • Employee experience is enhanced, improving recruiting and retention efforts
  • Brand is enhanced, increasing client lead generation and conversion results
  • Financial results improve
  • Capacity for growth expands
  • Organic revenue continues to grow despite significant downward pressure on fees for core services
  • Business/enterprise value is enhanced
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The Demise of the Tax Department

A roadmap to TaxOptimization and enhanced firm profitability


Most tax function improvement campaigns hack at the leaves rather than attack the root of the problem.

TaxOptimization addresses the root cause of problems tax departments face and provides a holistic approach to optimal performance.

By attending this interactive workshop you will:
  • Gain awareness about the problems that tax departments face today.
  • Self-assess your department's overall level of effectiveness.
  • Consider the drivers of TaxOptimization, including de-commoditization and alternative pricing strategies.
  • Gain actionable insight to increase performance and overcome the challenges we face.

Hosted By Brian Amann

Brian Amann is a coach and consultant.

As the Founder of CPA Edge, he helps results-oriented CPAs and Firm leaders challenge industry norms, driving true vision and strategy, so they can differentiate, enhance client and employee loyalty, and, ultimately, profit more while working less.

As the leader of his former tax firm, TaxOps, Brian set ambitious service, quality, and growth goals for the benefit of clients, employees, and partners. He drove sixfold revenue growth over a four-year period when single-digit growth rates were the norm. It's a feat that landed the firm on the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing companies in the country and Brian on Accounting Today's Managing Partner Elite as a top firm leader. During the same period, TaxOps landed in the number one spot--two years in a row--on Accounting Today's Best Place to Work For.

Brian has been building world-class tax departments for decades with over twenty-five years of leadership experience with Ernst & Young, including an area leader role in their National Tax Office, and TaxOps. Spearheading recruiting, team development, workplace culture, and staff development initiatives, he recognizes specialized talents and soft skills that lead to higher levels of success. As a master strategist in differentiation, transformation, and pricing, Brian guides his clients to improve their effectiveness and performance.

Brian is a CPA, CGMA, and Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA). He frequently speaks, writes, and consults on the business issues accountants' and their firms face.