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Accounting For Results

Ultimately performance and success come down to an edge over the competition. Whether that’s an opponent in sport, the person sitting in the office next to you, or the firm down the street.

Conventional wisdom tells us we can simply out-hustle them, and maybe we can. But is that advantage sustainable?

Alternatively, we can become exponentially better in one area, or incrementally better in several. When we rely on such methods in addition to passion for a result, we create solid, sustainable advantages – An Edge!

CPAEdge is committed to providing content, education and consulting enabling its CPA recipients to gain an Edge on the competition!

Brian Amann is a coach and consultant.

As the Founder of CPA Edge, he helps results-oriented CPAs and Firm leaders challenge industry norms, driving true vision and strategy, so they can differentiate, enhance client and employee loyalty, and, ultimately, profit more while working less.

As the leader of his former tax firm, TaxOps, Brian set ambitious service, quality, and growth goals for the benefit of clients, employees, and partners. He drove sixfold revenue growth over a four-year period when single-digit growth rates were the norm. It's a feat that landed the firm on the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing companies in the country and Brian on Accounting Today's Managing Partner Elite as a top firm leader. During the same period, TaxOps landed in the number one spot--two years in a row--on Accounting Today's Best Place to Work For.

Brian has been building world-class tax departments for decades with over twenty-five years of leadership experience with Ernst & Young, including an area leader role in their National Tax Office, and TaxOps. Spearheading recruiting, team development, workplace culture, and staff development initiatives, he recognizes specialized talents and soft skills that lead to higher levels of success. As a master strategist in differentiation, transformation, and pricing, Brian guides his clients to improve their effectiveness and performance.

Brian is a CPA, CGMA, and Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA). He frequently speaks, writes, and consults on the business issues accountants' and their firms face.

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The Business of Accounting Workshop

Guarantee - The more you know about the professional services business, the faster and further you’ll rise in it.

College and traditional continuing education provide us with the skills and knowledge to practice our craft but fall short of developing the business and leadership acumen that drives personal and firm growth.

Additional Guarantee - This three-hour workshop will help you forge an edge and pay dividends for years to come.


Hanging The Shingle - Zero To $1M

A battle-tested guide for starting a CPA Firm and thriving on your own!


The Demise of the Tax Department 

A Definitive Guide For Tax Function Effectiveness & Enhanced Firm Profitability.